Calling all mural artists.

The Inner West Council in Sydney is asking artists to put forward proposals for four big works as part of two new mural street art projects.

The artworks will be located in Ashfield’s Town Centre and along the Bay Run and aim to enhance Sydney’s inner west.

One of the sites is a gateway to a significant Aboriginal site.

Administrator of Inner West Council Richard Pearson said the artworks will be installed at four sites in the area – three in the Ashfield Town Centre and the fourth along the Bay Run at Haberfield.

The Bay Run is a gateway to a significant Aboriginal site in the inner west which was used by the Wangal people for thousands of years and is still a place of teaching today.

The Bay Run Mural-Street Art Project opportunity is open to artists of all ages who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander to honour the significance of the site and to ensure that the heritage and integrity of the site are protected.

Artists are being invited to submit their proposals by Friday September 9, 2016 at 9.30am. Application materials are available on the council’s website at