A match made of heavenly colour

July 17, 2019

WA’s Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency has teamed up with Australian fashion brand Gorman to co-design a collection that will launch this August. Despite working with over 80 local and international artists and creatives over the […]

Sensational art spree over five full days in Cairns

July 15, 2019

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) wrapped up its tenth anniversary over the weekend after five days of art, music, storytelling, workshops and other special events. The marathon celebration culminated in the coming together of cultural […]

No law says you can’t sell fake Indigenous art

July 3, 2019

After the Federal Court of Australia found that company Birubi Art had been falsely promoting and selling art as Indigenous Australian, three organisations are calling for better protections for Indigenous artists. The Court found Birubi […]

Sunlight makes colours sing!

June 26, 2019

Mother-daughter duo Betty Chimney and Raylene Walatinna have been highly praised for their collaborative artwork Nganampa Ngura (Our Country) at the 2019 John Fries Award. From South Australia, the women’s art piece explores the role of […]

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