Proud Wergaia and Wemba Wemba singer-songwriter Alice Skye is fronting a new campaign by BONDS that promotes period positivity and eliminates shame about having periods.

The BONDS Bloody Comfy Period Undies campaign features a curated album, Unplugged, with original music from a group of Australian musicians including Skye, Kira Puru and Montaigne, written while on their periods.

The Naarm-based (Melbourne) artist’s track Persistent Mood will be the second on the album and tells the tale of her experiences with carrying strong emotions.

Persistent Mood is about any kind of feeling you might have that appears and seems like you can never get rid of it, but you can, and you will eventually,” Skye said.

“How I’m doing physically really affects me mentally and vice versa. So, if I’m experiencing pain and can’t move, I then feel sad or bad about myself. It’s a tough pattern when you’re expected to be out in the world or performing on stage.”

Alice Skye in the BONDS Bloody Comfy range. Photo supplied.

Skye said she’s excited to be involved in a campaign that helps eliminate shame around having a period and treats it as the normal human experience that it is.

“I think we’re taught a lot of shame and so relationships with body image can be tough, especially as a young person,” she said.

“Treating periods as a taboo subject also creates a lot of misinformation.”

“It was nice to be involved in something that treats it as a very normal human experience.”

After years of feeling like she wasn’t reflected in ads, especially around periods, Skye is now happy to be fronting a campaign for others to feel represented and comfortable.

“Taking the shame or discomfort out of it makes way for the chance to explore your options of what’s comfortable, helpful or enjoyable,” said Skye.

“I’m happy to be involved in a campaign aiming to do that.”

You can listen to Alice Skye’s track from the BONDS Unplugged album here from Monday evening:

By Grace Crivellaro