Sunday, September 22, 2019

Keeping our nation connected

What started as a print newspaper in 2002 has expanded and evolved into a prestigious online news medium.

National Indigenous Times (NIT) strives to be the most comprehensive Indigenous online news site in Australia by offering rigorous reporting on the issues that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We celebrate positive stories and achievements, advocate for reconciliation, and offer a balance of stories across news, politics, business, the arts, and sport.

Our team have a strong adherence to ethical practices, including staff behaviour, the acquisition of information, attributing imagery and facts, advertising, and more. We invite you to learn more about our ethics in our Editorial Policy.

Our team

Hannah Cross

Acting Editor

Hannah is a Freelance Journalist with demonstrated experience in the online media industry. As a curious, critical thinker, Hannah has a keen eye for detail and brings strong writing and communication to NIT. In 2018 she completed a Bachelor of Arts focused on International Aid and Development and Journalism at Murdoch University.

Rachael Knowles


Born and raised in central-west NSW, Rachael is a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate woman. This dedication has made her a well-respected Journalist at NIT, bringing the publication a variety of intriguing articles. Rachael is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History and English Literature at the University of Wollongong. Through her studies and professional career, she hopes to inspire social and political change.

Jade Bradford


Currently studying her journalism degree at Curtin University of Technology, Jade is a passionate writer who enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories. As a proud Noongar woman with ancestral ties to the Ballardong region of WA, Jade believes the media plays a crucial role in forming the public’s perception of Indigenous people. Through her work as a journalist with NIT, her aim is to give more Indigenous people a voice and encourage positive change in Australian media.