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Noongar Artist Peter Farmer collaborates with Coldplay on t-shirt design

Dianne Bortoletto -

Sometimes it pays off to slide into DMs of a band as Sandra Tricoli from Savvy Creations can attest.

Reaching out to Coldplay by Instagram and email, Sandra's tactics resulted in a t-shirt collaboration between one of the biggest bands in the world and her client and business partner, renowned Aboriginal artist Peter Farmer.

Mr Farmer said he and his son were watching television when they saw the announcement that Coldplay were coming to Perth and his son said, 'Dad, wouldn't it be cool to do a collaboration with Coldplay?'.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible, but I asked Sandra about it and she made contact - it took six months of back and forth, and I'm just so humbled for the opportunity," Mr Farmer said.

"Having opportunity to work with one of the biggest bands in the world is amazing, just fantastic."

The original design by Mr Farmer was aligned to Coldplay's theme for the tour, Music of the Spheres.

"There are three spheres in the design, the first one represents a journey through light and sound, the second one contains Noongar symbols that represent males, females and the stars, and the third yellow circle is a representation of everything, all life, a design that aligns with everyone and everything," Mr Farmer said.

"We looked at the colours that Coldplay had been using and used some of those in the design.

"They were very respectful and really put their trust in me, it's very humbling."

Mr Farmer submitted two designs to Coldplay's management with one chosen one that was printed on 2,500 limited-edition t-shirts, which quickly sold out.

Peter Farmer Coldplay t-shirt back

"I wish we'd printed more! I keep getting asked by people where they can get one."

The t-shirts were sold for $65 with net proceeds directed towards supporting CAPS Coolgardie Aboriginal School.

"We spent 14 weeks earlier this year working at Coolgardie Aboriginal School teaching art, performance, dance, music. They put on a performance and there's three people in a band, it was really good, and this money will benefit the school and allow them to buy more instruments and do more shows and more performances," said Mr Farmer, a descendant from Noongar groups Whadjuk, Minang, Wilman and Wardandi peoples.

This isn't Mr Farmer's first foray into mixing his art with fashion. He collaborated with iconic international shoe designer Jimmy Choo in 2017 and has worked on a fashion show with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra as part of the Karijini Experience in 2021, among others.

Mrs Tricoli said that the collaboration between Coldplay and Peter Farmer was a testament to the power of art in fostering unity and raising awareness.

"I'll admit, I was so excited when I got a response from the band's management asking for a meeting," Mrs Tricoli said.

"Peter is a hugely accomplished artist with a great reputation, and I leveraged his credibility to the band and I'm thrilled it worked out, it was a mutually respectful collaboration."

Mr Farmer and Mrs Tricoli are partners in art company Indigitization, a company that bridges the art of the world's oldest civilization with 21st century digital solutions.

Mr Farmer said he's open to the idea of collaborating with more bands that plan to perform in Perth.


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